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We will guide you trough every step of your web project, from choosing the domain name and hosting, trough the design and development to the launch of your website.

We code in . php. We know html, css, javascript. We use Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla.

As a stand alone service, we offer on-page Search Engine Optimisation.
By on-page, we mean improving your position in search engines only by cleaning and properly set up the code of your website. There is only one down-side of this type of
optimisation, the results are best visible after 4 to 6 months. Of course, our agreement ends after results are clear. The up-side? No monthly subscriptions, no registration
in web directories, no false linking and other related things, just one contract, one time.

We now offer our photo services as a complementary package for your website or your personal gallery. As examples, restaurants must have a photo gallery, shops are nice to see before visiting them, professionals could use professional photos and so on.

Read also about our design and photo services, and see how these three work together for you to have a fine tuned online presence.


  clients:   examples:
  During the last years we have worked with a large variety of clients.

Among them:

- Office des Crédits, Office de l’Immobilier - real estate
- Virginie Taittinger - politician
- Didier Van Bruyssel - wellbeing consultant
- N'Faly Kouyaté - musician
- C&M - accounting firm
- SYSECO sprl - communication company
- Joyn Legal - Team Lawyering
- Dr Adriana Nugter
- Charitic Angel’s - charity organisation
- Actiview Solutions LTD
- Children for Children e.V.
- Buenga